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Manage it all in one place

Our end-to-end platform gives you one place to manage your program from device management to patient data.

Connected Health SaaS solution

Use our platform to manage your program devices, provider and patient shipping, and patient data.

Impilo Dots
Impilo Dots
Remote Patient Monitoring
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Integrate our platform with your existing workflows via our API. Access complimentary SDKs to optimize your integration. Streamline your work further with our EHR integrations, available upon request.


Features & Capabilities

Impilo Dots


Procure directly from device vendors and manufacturers, get orders added to inventory without handling a single box.


Submit orders to the Impilo team for fulfillment, customize your kits and shipping preferences as needed.


Manage your fleet of devices and patient items. Troubleshoot real-time with device status updates.


View all patient data in one, unified format and track trends with ease across all of your connected devices. 


Track device and item inventory, even device parts, and when stock is low order more right in our platform.

Patient Support

Manage patient engagement live in the platform with onboarding and troubleshooting support calls and emails. 

Patient Data

View and interact with patients' real-time vitals. Manage care with clinical notes, clinical trends, and patient histories. 


Get quick overviews and downloadable reports for patient data, orders, inventory, billing, and more.

Full Visibility

Patient Lifecycles

Track patients through your program from enrollment to dis-enrollment.

Get detailed reports on which groups and demographics are engaging best. 

Device Lifecycles

Track devices through your program from procurement through refurbishment and redeployment. Ask about our IoT dashboard and connectivity alerts.

Impilo Dots

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