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Patient device
logistics, simplified

Program operations can take away from providing great care, we can help.

Digital Health 3PL

We warehouse your inventory, fulfill orders, and ship direct to patients or practice.

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Build with Impilo

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Select devices for shipment, add instructional pamphlets, items, etc.

    ✔ Custom Kitting
    ✔ Custom Inserts
    ✔ Any item, any device



Choose your packaging, select your shipment preferences.

     ✔ White-label options
     ✔ 2 day & Overnight Shipping
     ✔ Same-day Fufillment



Devices are paired to patients via a unique device identifier.

     ✔ Device Pairing
     ✔ Any unique identifier
     ✔ See Device Lifecycle

Don't get held back by outdated Logistics

Manual Ordering

Manual Ordering

Most device vendors still use manual purchase lists or handle orders through email and spreadsheets. Practices also often work with manual ordering systems that can create difficulties for digital patient programs.

Impilo connects you directly with device vendors for procurement and supports easy ordering through our web app.

Disorganized Supply Chain

Disorganized Supply Chain

Many practices and digital health companies struggle with accurately tracking inventory, managing warehousing space, and working with device distributors.

Impilo oversees your program's supply chain and our software helps you manage it.

Learn more about our software solutions ↗

Fufillment Struggles

Fulfillment Struggles

Packing and shipping devices to patients takes time and people power. Without a team and detailed processes in place, order fulfillment can be ripe with mistakes that ultimately lead to low patient engagement and increased spending.

Impilo fulfills all your device orders on time and accurately so patients get the best experience with your program.

Clipboard - Save time & money

Save Time & Money

Impilo's order fulfillment services help you save on warehousing, shipping, staffing, and more! We make it easy to scale your program without the need to hire or lease more space. 

As your program grows we help you stay on top of patient outcomes with end-to-end order fulfillment.


Digital Health Logistics

Impilo offers logistcs solutions for your remote patient program from device selection through returns.

Procure Devices & Care Items
Procure Devices & Care Items
We Warehouse your Inventory
We Warehouse your Inventory
We Warehouse your Inventory
Build Kits & Custom Packages
Build Kits & Custom Packages
Manage Orders
Manage Orders
We Pick, Pack, & Ship
We Pick, Pack, & Ship
Direct to Patient Shipping
We manage returns
Impilo Dots
Impilo Dots

Procure Any Product

Maintain your inventory and never miss an order with easy procurement of new or additional devices. Connect directly with device vendors through our web app.

Warehouse Inventory

Your procured devices and care items ship to Impilo's warehouse where we intake and store your inventory so it is ready for order fufillment.

Custom Kits & Packaging

Drive patient engagement with customizable packaging and instructional inserts. Build kits specific to your program and patients for easy ordering.

Order Management

Your care team submits orders for patients in our web app or through our API. See when orders are shipped and track shipping & delivery statuses.

Return Managment

We handle delivery issues and device returns. Reuse devices across patients and save money with our device refurbish and redeploy service.

Detailed Reports

View or download detailed order and inventory reports to help your team stay up to date with your volumes and inventory counts. 

Patient Support

Manage Patient Support

Manage patient onboarding and troubleshooting all in one place via our web app. Track patients that still need assistance and view detailed reports.

Support Services

Increase patient engagement and device usage with customizable calling services. Impilo can conduct support for program enrollment, device setup, troubleshooting, and more.

     ✔ Multi-Channel - Call, Text, Chat, Email
     ✔ Inbound & Outbound
     ✔ Fully Customizable

Interested in patient support? Contact us ↗

Impilo Dots
Patient Support
Forehead thermometer
Impilo Dots

Cleaning & Refurbishment

Get program savings with patient device cleaning & testing services and easy redeployment.


Streamline program disenrollment with device returns. Patients can return their devices to be reused again.

Device not working? Get uninterrupted readings with quick device replacements and returns to repair the device.


Quality Assurance

Reuse devices with Impilo's device refurbishment service. QA and cleaning protocols are determined by healthcare cleaning standards and manufacturer recommendations. 

Please Note: Not all devices are eligible for redeployment, such as Glucometers.


Redeploy Devices

Reuse devices across patients and save money. Returned devices that have passed our cleaning and QA process are able to be redeployed to patients. 

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