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Device support, simplified

Technical issues can take away from the patient experience

White Labeled "Health Nerd" Team

We work under your brand serving your patients with personalized technical support

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Call Center Employee

Support with Impilo

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Our team knows the device issues, error codes, and common patient issues

    ✔ Custom SOPs and Scripts
    ✔ Initial Set Up and Troubleshooting
    ✔ Any item, any device



We can communicate through various white labeled methods

     ✔ Email & Text
     ✔ Custom 1-800 Phone Line
     ✔ Video Support



We offer industry best SLAs to ensure your patients stay connected

     ✔ Same Day Resolution
     ✔ Multiple Languages
     ✔ All US Coverage

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Let your clinical team, be clinical...
Impilo's device experts can handle your support 

Clinical Teams
Doing Support

Many clinical organizations find their frontline clinical staff doing technical support when they should be focused on providing clinical care and supervision.

Impilo handles all clinical support and allows your clinical team to hand off the reigns while also preserving your brand and team's clinical time and engagement. 

Multiple Manufacturer Management 

Many practices and digital health companies struggle with working across manufacturers - each manufacturer has a different channels to deal with support, different issues/data formats to resolve, & different levels of SLAs.

Impilo oversees your program's manufacturer relationships, data feeds, issues, returns for warranty and complaints. Through our larger volume, we have preferred relationships and access higher levels of support. In addition, our software helps you manage it.

Learn more about our software solutions ↗


Supporting multiple devices, patients with different background, needs, and languages takes time and people power. Without a team, software to manage tickets, and detailed processes in place, support can be ripe with mistakes and delays that ultimately lead to low patient engagement and increased spending.

Impilo handles all your support needs on time and accurately so patients get the best experience with your program.

Clipboard - Save time & money

Save Time & Money

Impilo's support services help you save on software, staffing, and more! We make it easy to scale your program without the need to hire more people or buy/build software for support.

As your program grows we help you stay on top of patient outcomes with end-to-end device support.


Digital Health Tech Support

Impilo offers support solutions for your remote patient program from initial set up through returns.

Manage Orders
We manage returns
Impilo Dots
Impilo Dots

Set Up Any Device

Maintain your inventory and never miss an order with easy procurement of new or additional devices. Connect directly with device vendors through our web app.

Trained Agents Ready To Deliver Support

Your procured devices and care items ship to Impilo's warehouse where we intake and store your inventory so it is ready for order fufillment.

Custom Scripts and SLAs

Drive patient engagement with customizable packaging and instructional inserts. Build kits specific to your program and patients for easy ordering.

Support Management

Your care team submits orders for patients in our web app or through our API. See when orders are shipped and track shipping & delivery statuses.

Device Troubleshooting

We handle delivery issues and device returns. Reuse devices across patients and save money with our device refurbish and redeploy service.

Detailed Reports

View or download detailed order and inventory reports to help your team stay up to date with your volumes and inventory counts. 

Patient Support

Manage Patient Support

Manage patient onboarding and troubleshooting all in one place via our web app. Track patients that still need assistance and view detailed reports.

Support Services

Increase patient engagement and device usage with customizable calling services. Impilo can conduct support for program enrollment, device setup, troubleshooting, and more.

     ✔ Multi-Channel - Call, Text, Chat, Email, Video
     ✔ Inbound & Outbound
     ✔ Fully Customizable

Interested in patient support? Contact us ↗

Impilo Dots
Patient Support

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